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Rescue dog gets four prosthetic legs
A rescue dog in Russia was found with her paws missing. Abuse was suspected. Parts of her legs had to be amputated and four prosthetic limbs were produced for her using a 3D printer. Some people thought she should be euthanized because of her injuries, but she is doing very well with her new legs. She will be able to lead a normal life when she recovers more.

The Vet who took care of Monika was right to believe in her. She has shown a real strength and determination to do well.  It just goes to show, we should not give up on an animal too soon.  It took a lot of work to fix her, but Monika has the determination to do well. Wherever she ends up she will be a beautiful pet with her four fancy new legs.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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