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Cheddar Paws Dog Art
Cheddar Paws Dog Art was inspired by a paint your pet event. The idea grew that paintings of shelter pets would help get them adopted. The idea is still growing and it is working. Posting a good portrait of a long term shelter resident  did help get the dog adopted. The portraits can be serious or whimsical as long as they catch people's attention. 
Local artists in Pennsylvania  have joined the cause and many animals are getting painted. Local businesses hang the pictures and they get posted on social media.
Seventy percent of the animals painted have found homes so far. That is 138 forever homes out of 197 dogs.  The idea is spreading and more dogs will find homes.

This is a great idea. So many fine dogs and cats are overlooked at the animal shelters. People want pets, but until they become aware of an animal they just 
don't see it. The portraits create an appealing image that people are drawn to. People then want to meet the actual pet. Once they have met it is often a match.
There are other projects out there to help get pets adopted. They all help. The nice thing about this one that the new owners get to keep the pet portrait when they adopt the pet.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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