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UK declares Octopuses, Lobsters and Crabs to be sentient
This is big! The UK has declared that Octopuses, Lobsters and Crabs are sentient. This declaration is just the beginning. If they are sentient, then they deserve stronger protections from animal cruelty laws. This will effect how they can be transported and stored. It is going to mean a change in how they are killed.
As new laws are being formulated this declaration will have to be considered.

This is going to change how people act. It could change how they think. I am thinking of various cooking shows and competitions where they show people boiling live crabs and lobsters. That is going to have to change. Restaurants that store live animals for cooking, will have to change how they do things. 
Maybe we will stop eating them altogether. If the UK has done this, then other countries might follow. I am hoping it is the beginning of big changes for the better for a lot of animals.
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