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Woman traveling to Hawaii to scatter her hamster's ashes
No, you didn't misread the tittle. She really is travelling to Hawaii to scatter her hamster's ashes.
During the pandemic lockdowns she realized that her hamster, Spud, is always in lockdown. So, she started making sets for him to play in. She did mini art galleries and scenes from cities. His favourite was the Hawaiian beach scene. Now that he is gone, she is going to take him to his favourite place.

It is a little odd and yet it is kind of sweet. She did so much for Spud while he was alive. Now she is going to complete things by giving him one last adventure.
The trip will do her good too and it will help with the loss. I wish more people would take their hamsters as seriously as she took Spud. She cared how he felt.
I hope it is a good trip for her.
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