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Beavers are melting the permafrost
Yes I put a story about Beavers in the hamster section because they really are rodents. They are big rodents, but they still have those sharp gnawing teeth.

Because of climate change and warming temperatures  Beavers are moving further north. They have no natural predators up north and there is plenty for them to eat. Being Beavers, the first thing they do is build dams and create lakes. These lakes melt the permafrost underneath and they retain heat from the sun and prevent the permafrost from freezing in the winter. 
Melting permafrost releases greenhouse gases that make global warming worse.

There is a bit of karma in this situation. We hunted beavers in large numbers and killed them for their fur. We have cut trees and destroyed the natural ecosystem of the beaver.  Now they are quietly doing what beavers do best. They are building dams and creating lakes further north  that are making climate change worse. Climate change is having negative consequences for us.

Maybe the beavers would not need to move north if we had not destroyed so much of their natural habitat in the first place.
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