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Wildlife struggling as dry hot weather shrinks rivers
There are heat waves and dry spells all over, but Europe and the UK are having some of the worst of it.  This is having an impact on rivers and streams. 
The chalk rivers in southern England are dangerously low. This effects the fish in the rivers and all the other wildlife that depend on the flow of water.
The damage goes from the bottom of the food chain to the top. All levels are effected. 
Water usage by humans needs to be restricted to prevent further drops in water levels.

We all know this is because of climate change. Water levels in rivers are already stressed because of the demands people make on them. We take water from streams so we can have green lawns and in some places, swimming pools. We need to get our priorities straight. When water is scarce it must be used for essentials. Maintaining river levels has to take priority over some of our less important demands.

Drought and heat waves are not a one time aberration. Until we get climate change under control, things will get worse. 
This is going to call for some serious action to protect the environment and a reduction is human water usage.

We all waste water to some degree. Even if you are not in a drought area, it is possible to use less water. It is something we can all do.
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