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Horse rescue methods questioned
The methods of HiCaliber  Horse Rescue of California are being questioned.  
They take in a lot of damaged animals, but they also euthanize a lot of the horses.
This is raising some concern about their methods.

They have a very well done web site.

The owner has a lot to say about the allegations against her.

I don't know what to think.
The owner of the rescue is a bit rough around the edges, but that is not fault or a failure of animal care.
She does take in horses that are suffering and should have been euthanized. Ending their suffering is a kindness.

The more I read about it the less I am sure either way. She has defenders and detractors. They both make good cases. 
If this is a good rescue that helps animals it would be sad if it was destroyed by bad publicity.  If it is a bad place then they should be able to check it out and come to conclusions and do something.
Finding a pile of manure at a horse rescue seems to me to be normal and what I would expect.

She might do well to find a vet to verify her decisions to euthanize. That might clear some of the uncertainty about her methods.
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