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Justice for Teddy
Teddy is the Duncan BC dog who was so abused and neglected that he died two days after his rescue in spite of efforts to save him.
There is a petition calling for the maximum penalty for Teddy's owners, Anderson Joe and Melisa Tooshley.

They deserve whatever penalties the law can impose on them. It won't help Teddy now or do anything to alleviate what he suffered, but it will send a strong message that we won't tolerate such animal abuse. Teddy's death at least won't have been for nothing if it can prevent other animals from suffering.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

What a terrible case of the most premeditated abuse of an innocent dog. That poor dear dog.

I signed.

Blessings to his Soul. I hope he will find peace and love in the next world.
I wish someone had noticed Teddy sooner. Even a few days might have made a difference. 

There have been a lot of abuse cases in that area. It is important that they get a conviction in this case to send a message to other people who are abusive towards animals. A strong conviction might also encourage people to report animal abuse sooner.

I hope the petition helps. I am sure it sends a message that even people in England care enough to sign the petition.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Signed. Appalling treatment of a poor dog. We discussed this case before, at

Maybe we should unite the threads?
We could unite the threads. I started a new thread under petitions so people would be sure to see it. I didn't want the  petition to get lost in the discussion about Teddy and all the other animals that have been abused in the Duncan area.

I just found another article.
People are not willing to forget Teddy.

He was not loved and cared for in life, but he will not be forgotten in death.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I had a "quiet time" of my own for Teddy the other night. His case is so very sad. It is good to know so many people care about him. It's a shame he couldn't have lived with any of those people instead of the ones he did live with.
Bless his Soul. Heart
There are many people who would have been happy to give Teddy a loving home. I hope he knows that now.

Teddy has become a symbol in the fight for stronger animal protection laws in B.C. If his case is enough to bring about stronger laws then his life will have had a purpose and a meaning. It is sad that Teddy suffered, but he may be able to protect other animals from suffering. Some good will have come from such a sad situation.

I am sure Teddy would have been a wonderful loving dog if he had ever been given a chance.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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