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Dog dies on United Airlines Flight
A passenger paid for her dog to board a United Airlines flight. The dog was in a carrier. All should have been well. 
It was not! The flight attendant insisted the dog in the carrier be placed in the overhead bin rather than under the seat. Under the seat is where animals are normally placed during flights. When the plane landed the dog was dead.

Overhead bins are not the place for live animals. The dog had no water. I doubt there was much air and who knows what the temperature was in that small enclosed space.

The airline is accepting responsibility for the death and has apologized, but this is not the first pet death on a United Airlines flight.  Last year 18 animals died while in the care of United Airlines. There were only six deaths last year on all other US airlines  combined.

United Airlines is clearly not taking pet safety seriously. That is a lot of dead pets in one year. 
If you have a pet, choose any other airline and you increase your pets chances of survival greatly.
They should be made to do more than say they are sorry. Sorry doesn't bring back a beloved pet.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I am very sorry to hear about what happened to that dog. The woman must be deeply upset. Imagine opening the bin and finding your dog dead!
It obviously is not the place for an animal. I suppose the woman could have refused to store her dog up there and got off the plane?
But still, a flight attendant advising her to do that....shows they don't care.

There is obviously something wrong with United Airlines' attitude to animals in their care. "Sorry" is not good enough. They have to say "sorry" too many times by the look of it.
According to BBC News, the flight attendant tried to claim that she did not know there was a dog on the container. However, there were witnesses who confirmed that the caretaker of the dog had clearly stated several times that there was a dog in there and that she didn't want to put the case in the overhead locker. The flight attendant insisted - and the outcome was a disaster.

A very sad case, which once again puts UA in a very bad light. Remember this?....
I remember the rabbit case. It was bad. The airline rushed to cremate the rabbit with out showing him to his owners.
Who really knows what happened.

The flight attendant can claim she didn't know there was a dog in the carrier, but the dog was barking. Other people could hear the dog barking. When she picked the carrier up she would have felt that there was a live animal inside the carrier. Live animals don't sit still and you can feel the movement.
We will never know what the flight attendant was thinking. She didn't think over her actions or she would have hesitated to put the dog at risk.
If this was one incident you could blame it on poor judgement on the part of the flight attendant. It isn't one incident, it is one more incident. That reflects back on the airline and its policies. It charges a lot to fly a pet, but doesn't act to ensure the pet travels safely.

Right now the airline is paying individuals for their loses. The airline needs to  face an investigation of its actions and show how they led to  animal deaths. Then they need to show what they should have done so that the death didn't occur. 
Sorry just isn't good enough. A little dog died under terrible circumstances. No family should ever have to deal with that.

There are some good statistics in this article.

I think United Airlines is worse then we thought.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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