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Did Amy Hognose Snake have a heart attack?
The thing about Hognose Snakes is that they fake dying if something startles them. They thrash around very dramatically and roll over and pretend to be dead. It is scary to see it happen even if you know they fake death.

I had been feeding my snakes and I was pretty much done. I had just fed Amy Hognose snake and she was really excited about eating. And then she reacted. She dropped the food. She couldn't seem to breath and the colour inside her mouth went dusky blue-grey (it should be pink). She looked like she was in pain. She looked like she was having a heart attack. It wasn't so much dramatic as it was intense. At one point I thought I had lost her. She lost consciousness for a while. She is awake now, but very quiet. She lay with her head on my hand so long my fingers were numb. She doesn't seem quite right, but she is breathing normally and I think she is comfortable.

So was Amy faking? She really looked like she was having a heart attack. It wasn't dramatic like when they are faking.  She is at least 11 and I have had her 8 years so she is not a young snake. I have never seen a snake have a heart attack. It does fit what I have seen with other animals having heart attacks.
So I have no idea if she will recover or if she will fade  away.

Amy is a funny little girl and it was love at first sight when I saw her. Her nickname is Amiable. She is usually all hissy and huffy and then when I pick her up she is sweet and loveable. She sat on my lap a lot when she was pregnant. I think she did have a heart attack, I just hope that whatever happens it is peaceful for her. I am glad I was there with her.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

She seems much better today. I still don't know if she had an actual heart event or if she was just doing a Hognose fake event. 
Amy is older so anything is possible. However if she was faking she deserves an award for best performance by a snake. 18

It looks like my Amy-able will be around for a few more years. Heart
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

From what you described it really did sound as if Amy had something physical happen to her. Certainly something which affected her circulation. And from what you describe she was like afterwards, that sounds like "recovery" to me rather than just coming back from a "fake dying event".

How are they usually after they fake dying? Back to normal? Or a little bit quiet?

Poor Amy. I hope she is feeling better soon. I wonder if it could have been some other event apart from a heart snakes have TIAs? Or could it have been some kind of seizure I wonder?
But the colouring you describe sounds like temporary  impaired circulation.
She seems fine now. It is still cold outside so she is quiet. If she had a small heart attack she has made a good recovery. If she was faking she was very convincing.  After they fake death they do lie around like they are dead for some time. It is a survival trick. Most predators won't eat a dead snake. They will even give off a nasty musk smell like they have been dead for days. She didn't do that. 
I just don't know, but it did make me aware of just how old she is.  I will be watching her more closely. There is not much I can do if her heart fails. I have seen a snake have a stroke and it is different.  He didn't actually survive the stroke, he had a second one an hour after the first and it killed him.

Amy looks like her usual self.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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