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1300 crimes against wildlife, but only 22 prosecutions
Wildlife groups have been tracking the frequency of crimes against wildlife in the UK. A lot of the crimes are illegal killing of badgers. There are crimes against bats and birds of prey as well. Marine mammals are a target also. It is hard to find the perpetrator in many cases, but in 99 cases the crime was confirmed, but still only 22 prosecutions and convictions.

It doesn't send much of an animal protection message when so few people are charged and convicted. 
The percentage is so low that it is no deterrent at all. People are reporting the crimes so the public is doing its part. The failure is in the law that does little to protect animals.  Even when they do get a conviction the fine is small.  Unless more is done to protect wildlife and deter cruel acts the abuse will continue.

I am just glad that groups are tracking this. If change is going to happen the public needs to be made aware and to react strongly. Public opinion is a powerful force, especially now that it has social media as a platform.
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It is not good, and certainly doesn't show people care enough. 1,300 crimes and only 22 convictions? And those convictions carrying fines that won't even bother anyone too much. All they have is a little more expense than usual that month, plus the inconvenience of having to show up in court.

There are many crimes against wildlife in the English countryside.

So far I have seen no re-appearance of the "Larsen traps" in the orchard, which I fought so hard against. I now think they needed a special licence and either couldn't be bothered to get one or didn't think it was convenient.
The birds put in those traps (Crows and Magpies) suffer dreadfully for many hours.
I remember you talking about those traps and I remember you freeing trapped birds.
More proof that the public is doing its job. 

The failure to protect animals lies with the courts and the law enforcement people. It is time we called them to account over wildlife abuse.  No one should ever have been allowed to use a Larsen Trap or any other type of trap. Traps by their very nature are cruel. Using dogs to dig out wildlife is cruel as well. The law must act to protect wildlife!
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