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Happy Mother's day!
Happy Mother's day to all the moms out there and happy mother's day to all the animal moms.
In honour of the animal moms I have found a list of animal moms whose kids stick around a long time.

As always it turns out that animal moms are the best.
This is my best animal mom. Caitrin has many beautiful children and she is always the first to lay eggs each year.
[Image: dCGJE32m9Y-0y8mFgBAhXQW6szK10CtuXIQYWNCS...5-h4080-no]

It won't be long before she is a grandmother. Maybe not this year, but definitely next year.

This is Kateri with her first clutch of eggs.

[Image: 007cQ1nOgGAAuBQrti-3tvyZxGpNSWH6gnPUEyBK...0-h2880-no]

Notice how carefully they wrap around the eggs so they can lay the whole clutch without damaging any of the eggs. Snakes are good moms in their own way. 

Once the eggs are settled the mom leaves them so they can grow in peace. If she stayed with them she might damage the egg or injure the baby. Her care comes in choosing a good place to lay her eggs. 

All moms do what they can for their children. Whether it is staying with them for years or leaving them to hatch alone, they deserve to be recognized as good moms. I hope they all enjoy their day in what ever way will make them happy.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Yes, wishing every Mama out there a very Happy Mother's Day! What would we do without mothers? Bless them.
(I think we had our Mother's Day earlier in the Spring....maybe March. I have forgotten now.)

Oh Caitrin! What a splendid bunch of eggs! I hope they all hatch out and are happy babies. You can see in the photo how careful she is with them. Who is the father? I can't remember who you said mated with Caitrin.

Strange....but I felt really unusually close to my Mother today, (who crossed over to Spirit in 2009) and it seemed she said something nice to me. I had no idea it was Mother's Day across the pond Smiley4 Maybe she is planning to become a Canadian if she has a  next incarnation! lol
Dear Caitrin has settled in with David. David was departed Raven's mate. They are both older snakes and have lived near each other for years. There are 14 eggs in the incubator and they look good. She had a very good dinner today and is happily sleeping in her den.

I guess mother's day is at different times  in different places. This is late enough into the spring that the weather is pleasant. Mon's can enjoy the day and even plant roses.
We are going off to dinner at the Mandarin restaurant. It has an all you can eat buffet. I am not a big eater, but I have been so busy this week that sitting down to dinner sounds great to me and I am sure I will have a feast.

Funny you should think of your mom when I am celebrating mother's day. Maybe your mom would be happy to visit Canada. 
Right now the cherry blossoms are on and it is wonderful. Winter is not so wonderful.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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