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Volunteers wade through flood waters to find pets
Grand Forks BC is experiencing serious flooding. Pets can get left behind when people are evacuated. 
Volunteer search and rescue people waded through the flood waters to find people's pets.
One of them wore a Go Pro so we can see what it was like.

Three cats and a Tarantula were rescued on Sunday. I am glad they rescued the Tarantula. Sometimes the smaller pets are over looked when it comes to rescues.

It was not an easy job to search for pets like that. You have to admire the dedication of the volunteers.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Good on them those poor things would be terrified.
It's great to see such work by all these people to help all the animals. Bless them, and I hope that all will be saved!
This is the same area where farmers evacuated their cows before the flood. These people really doing everything they can to protect the people and animals in the area.  They even rescued a tarantula in its little tank. That's dedication. A lot of people are scared of tarantulas.

You have to feel sad for the people. Their homes are a mess and many personal items will be damaged beyond repair.
Getting your pet back safe would make up for a lot.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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