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The puppies of Chernobyl will find homes in the USA
The group Clean Futures Fund has started work of rescuing the puppies of Chernobyl. 
The dogs are there because people were not allowed to take their pets when they were evacuated. For the last 32 years the dogs have struggled to survive and many generations later there are a lot of them.

Clean Futures Fund started by setting up Veterinary Care Stations. The dogs are neutered/spayed, vaccinated and treated for any health problems.
Now the first dozen puppies is ready for adoption in the USA.

What the Clean Futures Fund is doing is wonderful. They are giving these dogs a chance. They didn't ask t be left behind like that. The puppies born in the area have never had home or proper care. They live harsh lives. 
Their goal is to rescue 200 puppies and more. If they can rescue enough and spay/neuter enough then maybe they can solve the stray dog problem. It would be a good thing if the dogs of Chernobyl were just a line in a history book about the area.

They are really cute dogs aren't they.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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