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8 puppies take a freedon ride.
Eight puppies were left on the side of the road to die in the hot sun, in Brownwood Texas. They were rescued and taken to a nearby "High Kill" shelter where they went on the euthanasia list.
A group that rescues animals on the euthanasia lists of high kill shelters picked up the puppies and sent them to a shelter on Ohio. Sixteen different drivers took them part of their journey of over 1300 miles. They are now safe in the Ohio shelter where they will find good homes.

This is a remarkable story because of all the different groups that were involved in the puppies freedom ride.
In the past puppies in a high kill shelter would now be dead. That's it.

Now their are various groups that  check the high kill shelters and save the animals about to be euthanized. They don't keep the animals, they arrange safe places for them to go. hey turn them over to animal transport groups. These groups are not shelters either. They exist to transport animals to places where they can be safely adopted. Then there are the shelters that are starting to work with each other. If a shelter has room they take in animals transmitted from other areas where there is over crowding.

All of this requires cooperation and coordination and it is happening. Animals are being shipped to places where they are wanted. Shelters that are over capacity and feeling pressured to euthanize animals, can now send them to other shelters that have room for them. 

The story of these 8 puppies and their freedom ride is one of many stories that are taking place right now.

Animals are now being brought in from other countries where they are in danger. They are taken in by various local groups  that are able to find homes for them.

Maybe some day no stray will be killed because it is not wanted because it is wanted somewhere.
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