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Husband tells wife "It's me or the dogs"
You know how this ends don't you. After 25 years of marriage the husband told his wife "It's me or the dogs".
She told him to leave. There was no chance she would give up her dogs.

It its the old joke about  me or the pets, but no real pet lover would consider giving up their pets. The woman had dogs  when they got married. Maybe animal lovers need a pet pre-nuptial agreement. Seriously though, this is an issue. If pets mean that much to a person they would be better to choose a partner who also likes pets.

Maybe the dog shelter was too much pet for the husband, but he should have thought of that before he married her. 
He was always going to be second place to the dogs. For any pet lover the pets come first, even after 25 years.
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I found an article the backs up the first story. It seems many people would have chosen the dogs over the partner.
Do you really want to keep a guy who would issue an ultimatum in the first place. Your pet would never do that to you.

I think a smart move would be a pet pre-nuptial agreement. The future partner agrees to the pets and puts it in writing. 
It could save trouble later.

I had a roommate who agreed to my cat until I had moved in and then she wanted me to get rid of him. 
We went our separate ways and I have never spoken to her since.
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