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Goldfish, a misunderstood pet
We don't have a pet fish section!

I found a very good article about gold fish and their needs. It carefully explains many of the things that people think they know about goldfish that are not true.
I always found them to be a clever fish who were very much bonded to me. I had a pond and a big tank so they were happy.

I kept my fish outside for years. I brought them in when the raccoons became a problem. I had only seen my fish in the pond so I only knew what the top of them looked like. Once they were in the tank I sat down to really look at them for the first time.
The fish swam up and started looking me over.  They had only seen me looking up out of the pond. This was the first time they had seen me face to face. They were as curious as I was.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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