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Bringing Ella Home
Ella is a Southern Pine Snake. She has lived at the reptile centre with her mate Louis since 2008. They were mature when they arrived so Ella could be 15 now. They had beautiful babies and my Daniel Pine is one of their daughters.
They are older snakes and sadly Louis died a year ago. Ella has been fine, but lately she is showing her age.
This is Ella in the picture when she still looked her best.

[Image: 13902570_822366917864440_185535270716722...e=5BB16612]

She is looking old now and tired. So tonight I brought her home. It is quieter at my place and she likes me. I figure she can live out her last months, maybe even years, with me.

Louis is actually buried in my garden so when the time comes Ella can rest with him. 
Ella is a special snake and I wanted her to live out her days in peace where she is loved.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Things are going well. I have put Ella in with her daughter Daniel Pine and the male Rosie Pine. They are all relaxed around each other. They are sort of sleeping together, and sort of giving each other space.

I am glad this worked out. Ella can have a peaceful end to her life in a happy family setting.
I hope she has some good years left. I really love Ella and want what is best for her.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

The pine snakes have settled in very well and Ella and her daughter Daniel Pine are comfortable with each other.

[Image: P0c3RDv4h9Va2_ODHBXzVE7hBOrrr3GGqcOpwid1...=w489-h275]
The picture is sideways. Ella is one the right and Daniel Pine is on the left. The pink snake is the male, Rosie Pine. I think they all look very relaxed together. 
Now Ella can live out her last years in peace with companions in a quiet place. She has been a beautiful snake and she still has her dignity. I am glad I can do this and I am glad it is working.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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