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New baby snakes and they are cute!
The first two clutches of the year have hatched.

The first was from Caitrin and David. It was a small clutch and there are only two babies. They are both beautiful
[Image: e-4MR_vwN5gTt5h7NiFnCJynY5cmHkdK2UpYJ_LW...=w489-h275]
Caitrin is a remarkable female. This is her third mate and she is very happy with him. And as usual, the babies are amazing.

The next clutch was from Zim(the daughter of Pete and Sam)and Sedona (the son of Raven and Earl). They are a beautiful couple and last years clutch was very fine and I kept two of them.
This year they are amazing.
[Image: sy3JZWfZGyXFMrzYGE4mQAzw_XRQui21nwFfY7aX...=w489-h275]

[Image: nbXSdlMQAwXdXZkiXG4pIu1vpF1WlHAulv2HfAVX...=w489-h275]
The lighter coloured one has the same markings on that head as Pete did as a baby. These babies are a combination of four beautiful grandparents. 

I will get more pictures tomorrow. Some of the babies were still in the egg when I took the picture. I am not even sure how many there are. I lost count, it was late.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Bless, it's always an exciting time of year!
There were 14 hatchlings from the second clutch.

I now have a third clutch with 23 hatchlings.

[Image: MiNKqCjhg5B24XG5zb_8rYMBhdc-KReyTVARJCfc...=w155-h275][Image: weuB8T29BSFfTE-tkrAtdtcPHiLUJtty1F71vkRL...=w489-h275]

[Image: OVg9-Gvu2rcbLyzGHgyKt37Qo4zwPCrlLVb3mZkW...=w155-h275][Image: oMf_dCHVnFguItiu20288OWA1rZJowUoJ4_l6FVi...=w155-h275]

These are from David and Jenna.
Yes the same David who fathered the first clutch. He is very much in his prime right now.

[Image: 3-tjG-B94cfOlHx9p2ZIZpMwBSPdmouqT6YYqIPy...=w439-h275]
This is Jenna and David. David is the silvery grey one. To be technical, he is an Anerythristic motley, het for amelanistic and I think het for stripe. There was a still born stripe in Caitrin's clutch from David. That would also mean Caitrin is het for stripe. 
(I can hope can't I?)
Caitrin is an amazing breeder. Her two babies this year are both motleys, a snow and an amel. She was only put in with David late in the season. Next year they will have been together all year.

The next eggs should hatch in a little over a week.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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