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Sperm Whales dead with plastic in their stomachs
A number of sperm whales have been found dead. When they examined them they found their stomachs were full of plastics and car parts. We know the oceans are full of plastic. Every day there is evidence that this is true and increasingly there is evidence that this is deadly to the animals that live in the oceans.

We know what plastic is doing to the oceans, but we can't get people to give it up. We can't even get people to recycle it. 
For an intelligent species, sometimes we are not too bright.

There is actually a Wikipedia page about the banning of plastic bags.
Single use plastic bags are one of the things that are clogging the oceans and killing sea life.

Toronto banned plastic bags and then over turned the ban. So we are back to destroying the environment without actually ever having stopped using the bags. Walmart, when it delivers groceries to people's homes, uses one bag for every one or two items. So, a small grocery delivery can use 20 or more bags. I would never use their delivery, but I have observed this first hand in other people's homes. We will never know how many  of these bags will harm the oceans, but you know that some will.

Maybe it is time to contact Walmart and ask them to change.
I am sure the dead sperm whales would agree.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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