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Leonardo DiCaprio and new Vaquita film
Vaquita are a very rare, very endangered porpoise. It is estimated that there is between 12-30 of them left. Leonardo DiCaprio and the Sea Shepherd have joined to produce a documentary about he the Vaquita.
The working tittle is Vaquita-Sea of Ghosts and it is due to be released in 2019.

Hopefully there will still be some Vaquitas left when the film comes out. They are in danger because of illegal fishing in protected marine areas. All marine mammals are suffering because of human activities, but the Vaquitas are now so few in number that their very existence is threatened. If we don't work to save them they will be gone forever. They are the smallest porpoise at 5 ft 120 pounds and small as they are they would leave a very big hole in the marine mammal family. I hope it doesn't happen.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

It's great to see people are trying to save them, especially when celebrities get involved - it helps spread the word much quicker.
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It's nice to see Leonardo di Caprio is supporting the Vaquitas. I would very much like to see that documentary. I didn't know about these Porpoises before! Let's hope they can be saved before it's too late.
I am looking forward to the documentary. When the stars get involved they can really get people's attention. I hope it helps the Vaquitas.

I always meant to post a thread about them, but there was always something else that caught my attention. Maybe that explains why they are in trouble. There are so many other things happening to catch our attention.

This is some basic information.

They are so tiny compared to a lot of other marine mammals. That alone makes them special.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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