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The Ocean Clean-up Project
A group called Ocean Clean-up is ready to deploy a system developed by a young Dutch innovator, Boyan Slat.
They have tried different ideas and now believe they have a system that can work to remove garbage from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.
There are many who are against the idea and think it dangerous and unlikely to succeed. 
It is a simple idea that uses ocean currents to trap plastic so it can be removed.

First, at least Ocean Clean-up is actually doing something! Second the idea is going to work better than doing nothing.

We won't know how effective the idea will be until it is tested. If it has to be changed and modified that is okay. The big thing is to start the clean-up. Yes, stopping the flow of plastics into the oceans would be a very big step. However we have to find ways to remove the plastic that is already there. This system will not be able to clean-up all the plastic in the ocean. No one system can. It is trying to capture the larger pieces out in the open ocean. Different systems will be needed for smaller plastic particles. Clean-up near the shore and on the beaches is already happening in some places and it is totally different. I think when it comes to cleaning the oceans of garbage it is going to take every idea and invention we can come up with.

I have hopes for this one. I think it has the potential to capture a lot of plastic. We won't know until it is tried.
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