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Marley the dog takes the train into Toronto by himself
Marley the Dog is  very clever and no one knows how he slipped out of his yard. The first his owner knew of it was a call from the commuter train into Toronto. Her dog was on the way to Union Station down town. He clearly made his way over to the Go Train Station and then he somehow boarded the train. How did he make it to the platform and onto the train without anyone noticing?

We are pretty sure he didn't pay his fare. Maybe he was able to ride for free because he is under twelve.
If only he could talk and tell us what he did and why.
Maybe he just wanted to take in a Blue Jays Baseball game or visit the Hockey Hall of Fame.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Marley is a gorgeous dog and I am not surprised he got away with not paying for his ticket!

It's good that he must have had a dog-tag on his collar, so was quickly re-united with family.
He is beautiful and clever. He had to walk into the station and get up onto a train platform and then board a train. He did it without drawing attention until he was partway into Toronto on the train. 

If he had made it to Union Station without "rescue" he would have been lost like the rest of us. It has been under renovation for years. Assume anywhere in Toronto is under renovation or is a construction zone. Most of the time you would be right. Smiley4 

Yes it is a good thing Marley had a collar with information so his people could be reached right away.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Back home safe, Marley! Smiley55 The railway staff really looked after him. What a good team! Smiley32

As for their sense of humour:

 “We are still investigating whether Marley tapped his PRESTO card,” she later wrote in a tweet. “He needs to come back in for questioning but we won’t be too ruff.”

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I think they really had fun with Marley on the train.

Even if he tapped his presto card it still might not have worked. The new presto fare system is very glitch filled.
Even a dog can't make it work.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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