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Save Simon the Dog!
Hi animal lovers!
I've been following this heartbreaking story since it is happening a few towns over from me. This family has been fighting to get their dog back for about a year now. Please click on the petition to read more about Simon, and please sign and pass along if you so wish:

Forever grateful!
Welcome to the forum. Thank-you for letting us know about this.

I really hope they are able to save Simon. Poor dog, he was only protecting his home from an intruder.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Poor Simon! I hope this petition helps. It's good of you to share this to hopefully get Simon back to his family. I do hope it works out.

The intruder broke into a property, using wire cutters, was brandishing a lacrosse stick....of course Simon saw him as a threat.  My feeling is this is breed prejudice, but ANY breed of dog could have and probably would have, done the same thing. Even my sweet girl Misty might have done that!

Couldn't the teenager who lost his ball have merely called over the fence, "Please can you throw my ball back over?"...instead of destroying their fence and acting in a threatening manner?

This is tragic and I hope Simon can be saved.
Why couldn't the teenager go play ball in the park somewhere and leave the neighbours alone.

You are right this is about breed prejudice. No dog could be expected to ignore a "break-in" like that.
If it had been a fluffy miniature poodle everyone would be calling the dog a brave hero. Instead Simon is seen as a dangerous dog and a menace. 

I hope his family can save him.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Is there a legal loophole?
Such as....a dog may be deemed "dangerous" if it's out of control in a public place, yet on private property a different set of circumstances are appropriate?
One bite to the leg is nothing like an intruder being shot by a householder. In my view, that is "reasonable force" to deter an intruder (the intent of whom could not be judged by either dog or dog-sitter at the moment it was happening.) It is only with some element of hindsight we see that the boy had gone to retrieve his ball (breaking the law in the process!)

I don't know the laws in that state of course, but there might be something.
Quote:I don't know the laws in that state of course, but there might be something.
I think each state has its own laws in these matters. I don't know if there are federals laws that would effect this case.

I think there is some question about how the law is applied in this case. That is why they are fighting to save the dog. If it were straightforward they would have already put Simon down.

I hope the petition helps. Sometimes strong public opinion carries  weight.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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