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Paris Aquarium warns of goldfish "slow death"
The Paris Aquarium is warning pet owners that gold fish suffer a slow death if they are not cared for properly
They have a large goldfish aquarium and they are encouraging pet owners to bring their fish in.


The Paris Aquarium is right. So often goldfish are kept in small bowls. They lack space, clean water or even proper lighting.
Many pet goldfish around the world suffer lives of deprivation and neglect. People believe that they can live in a small bowl in dirty oxygen poor water. The Paris Aquarium is speaking up for the goldfish.  I would love to see their tank with its many happy healthy goldfish. Goldfish are a much underappreciated pet.  Kept under proper conditions they are a wonderful interactive pet

I hope word gets out that goldfish need and deserve more than they usually get in life.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I'm glad to hear the Paris Aquarium has spoken up about Goldfish. So many people don't have the right set-up for them.

I wasn't allowed to have a Goldfish when I was a child because my mother said they cannot live in a "Goldfish bowl" and it was cruel to keep one in a place like that. She also said that it was unfair to keep one alone, and we didn't have the space for a proper fish tank.

The fish at Sally's house have a well designed deep pool, and they are very happy.

Yes it's good that someone is speaking up for them as they haven't been fairly treated in a long time, it seems.
Letting them free in ponds and lakes isn't a good idea either as they don't stand a chance against predators.
Goldfish live horrible lives in fish bowls. It is a little like being forced to live in a closet for your whole life.

Turning them loose is a bad idea because they are an invasive species in some areas and can destroy local fish populations.

Your mother was wise and ahead of her time. Back then no one cared about goldfish. They were a disposable pet like the red eared slider turtles.
Paris Aquarium has done a wonderful thing for gold fish. Hundreds have already been turned in and are living as they were meant to live.

I hope many other aquariums follow their example. Goldfish everywhere need to be rescued.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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