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8 Bird species declared extinct.
This is sad news indeed. Eight bird species have been declared extinct. Five of the birds are from South America  where logging and agricultural practices are destroying the rain forests. We know this is going on. It is just sad when we have it confirmed.

We are losing species at an alarming rate. More birds are close to extinction and many non bird species as well.
It is sad to think that we are the last generation to see some of these beautiful creatures. It makes me wonder what the planet will be like when we are finished  depleting it. 

There could come a day when we are excited to see a sparrow, but there is nothing else left.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

It is very bad news. Extinct...because of humans' interference again.

How many other species of creature are going extinct, unknown to us? Because of how we live and what we do?

As you mentioned Sparrows, I have been concerned as I never see Sparrows in my area any more.
Glow-worms used to be here....all down the lane. Now they have disappeared.
There used to be frogs in a dew pond on top of the hill behind there are none. I check there every year. The last time I saw them was probably 2008.
That is bad when there are no sparrows. They are tough little birds and I assumed they would survive anything we could do to them.  Frogs we know are declining at an alarming rate. We have had insect losses and some are very much endangered.
I think of it as a major battle to save the monarch butterflies. A lot of people are planting milkweed and other pollinator plants. 
We did have a year where I only saw one butterfly. This year is much better.

The last time you saw the frogs was 2008? That is ten years. That is very bad. Frogs must be gone from the area. I wonder what else is gone. 

It is right there in front of us isn't it and we fail, to see it. There is a species extinction emergency going on and most people are totally unaware of it.  What will it take to make people aware so that we can do something?
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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