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Interesting new cat furniture
This new design of cat furniture has an interesting concept. It is a shelf that clamps to existing furniture to provide your cat a space to sit without adding more actual furniture to your home.

I think the idea could work. I think it also could be adapted for an iguana. It would provide space for a free roaming iguana. Like cats they like to sit on furniture higher up. A creative person could use the shelves to make a dream home for a cat(or iguana) without making the home unsuitable for people. I have always liked the idea of giving cats ledges and walkways to get around and to sleep on. I would love to see if having ledges works. I know the cats I have had in the past would have loved the idea.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

What a good idea! I know cats would love these. They love to climb, and find places to sit which are high up. Yes many other animals who like to climb would love these too. They would be fantastic for an Iguana.

I bet dogs just wish they could do things like that.....

The shelves would be great for cats who live with dogs. Even when they like dogs, they sometimes like the option of getting away from them, and off the floor.
That is a good point. Cats who live with dogs do need a place they can go that the dog can't go. It would increase the space you have for your pets without crowding your space with furniture. Rats would use ledges and so would sugar gliders. I bet a ferret would like to climb too.  If you could set up a heat lamp there are lizards that would climb up and enjoy a ledge for basking. 

You could put a ledge on the end of the bed and have the cat sit and watch you while you sleep. I think a cat would like that.
They do thinks like that anyhow.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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