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Koalas could be extinct in NSW as early as 2050.
Koalas in NSW have nowhere to go. Right now they're losing their homes and their lives to excessive tree-clearing.
Thank-you for posting this. I saw the article earlier on my phone and I was going to look it up on my computer. 
I signed the petition. 

Why do we think we need to clear more trees and cut down more forests. The koalas just need some trees to live in. Is it asking too much to let them have enough trees to survive. Do we really want to face future generations and tell them that we drove the koala to extinction by our greed and our lack of concern for the environment. Future humans are not going to be happy with us. 
They will have every right to judge us harshly. At least some of us will have tried to do something.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I signed. Thank you for drawing our attention to this issue, Sameer.

The situation is appalling and yet another example of humans behaving with total disregard for other creatures and the environment.
We act like we are the only species on the planet or at least the only species that matters. Sometimes we act like only parts of our species matter. Sometimes humans are very flawed in their thinking.
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