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A narwhal among the Belugas
It is not exactly a cat among the canaries. Narwhals and Beluga Whales are closely related. So, when a lone young male Narwhal  ended up in the Gulf of St Lawrence it made sense for him to join young males of a similar species. He has been with them for three years now so I think it is working out.

It is actually good to know that animals displaced by the effects of global warming will find a way to survive and adapt.
It also means there is a much better chance of me seeing a narwhal some day. I could take a bus to the Gulf of St Lawrence. Getting to the arctic is not so easy. And not to worry, if I ever did see the Narwhal, I will not be taking a selfie! I will stay a respectful distance and be happy to have the privilege of seeing him.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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