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Man burries his own dog alive
This is a horrible act of cruelty. The little dog didn't like his new kitten so he took the dog out on his property and buried it alive. A suspicious relative searched and found the dog still breathing. The dog was rushed to a vet, but  sadly it was too badly hurt to survive.

Yes the man has been charged. However he is out on $1000.00 bail. Considering what he did that seems low. 
He had to deliberately plan to do this. This wasn't an act of sudden anger or lack of control. He took the dog and a shovel with him and deliberately buried it alive.

Once again they are too soft on what is a horrific act of cruelty.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Poor dear little dog. This is horrible indeed. His suffering must have been terrible. I am sorry the vet couldn't save his life.

Blessings to his Soul Heart This is so very sad. Yes £1000 is not much for a dog's life and all that suffering, and the man probably still doesn't even see it, or care.....
What a terrible way to die - and so cruel and heartless on the part of the man responsible. This poor example of a human being needs to learn the errors of his ways, so I hope that the punishment given will give him a good chance to reflect on how cruelly he has behaved. If not, at some point, he will have to learn in some other way. We all have to learn from our errors.
I am guessing he gets no jail time and just a fine.  The sum was $1000.00 dollars, which is half a thousand pounds. It was bail so he gets it back. He could even be acquitted if they can't prove he did it. So he gets the $1000.00 back and he might have no other consequences.

How did this just happen. Were there no other signs of trouble with him. There must have been something.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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