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Nova Scotia bans declawing and tail docking etc.
Nova Scotia has gone ahead and banned declawing, ear cropping, tail docking and debarking. Basically they have banned unnecessary surgeries on pets. They make the point that none of these procedures in any way benefits the pet. We do it for our own needs. We want the pet to look a certain way or we can't be bothered to cut a cat's claws regularly.

They join BC that has already banned declawing. It is time that we recognized that what we do to our pets is sometimes not in their bets interests. We have some hidden goal or out dated breed standard that we are aiming for.

Declawing is extremely cruel and there is no justification for it.  I hope this is the first of many bans of unnecessary procedures for pets. It is time we accepted our pets for who the are and stop trying to change them. They are living beings and should be respected as such. Well done Nova Scotia.
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Declawing is not good for a cat. Tail docking....why cut off a dog's tail except for necessary health reasons? And it's barbaric to cut off their ears. The practice of cutting off a dog's ears, I believe is connected with the horrible dog-fighting groups.
I am glad to hear these things are now banned in Nova Scotia.
It is always a victory when one place banns things like ear cropping, tail docking and declawing. It also shows other areas that a ban is possible. Other cities and provinces and even countries can look at Nova Scotia and be encouraged to do the same. It might take time, but the more people see animals that have not been cut the more we will accept them the way they are.

Cutting a tail seems so stupid. Dogs communicate with their tails. Ear cropping leaves a dog so little ear structure. The dog must feel stupid and embarrassed to be seen like that. 
We all know declawing is a cruel surgery and nothing can justify it.
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They were all banned in Australia a long time ago,declawing was 1st and the others not long after,barbaric even the way some animals are bred for certain traits should be banned,and don't get me started on the crossing of breeds and giving them fancy names like cavoodles etc, when I was growing up the offspring from cross bred animals were called mongrels or cross breeds no fancy names.
Good for Australia that is was ahead of the crowd on this. The declawing was the worst. I saw it done and it was a crude surgery. They just hacked the tips off the cats "fingers" with nail clippers. They didn't use pain killers so the cat woke up in screaming pain. It was horrible.
I will be glad when these surgeries are banned right around the world. It is time we stopped messing with animals.

So what is a cavoodle? We have labridoodles and golden doodles in my neighbourhood. It has gotten silly they way they mix breeds up and give them ridiculous names.
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