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Goats fight Edmonton weed problem
One of Edmonton's largest parks is being over run by problem weeds. They have tried different things and finally  they have hired a Goat Coordinator and her goats to solve the problem. The goats have been hard at work and the science isn't in yet, but it looks like the goats are winning. All they do is eat weeds all day and everybody is happy.

The goats even work when there is a light snowfall. It will take time to actually kill the weeds. The goats just eat the plant, they don't eat the roots. However in time the weeds will die out. The goats don't let them go to seed.

This is a healthy, ecologically solution to a weed problem. The goats even eat dry plants which are a fire hazard, so they make the area safer.  I just hope they keep the program going and I hope the idea spreads to other places with weed problems.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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