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Millions of farm animals died in Hurricane Florence
It has been weeks since Hurricane Florence and we have know that farm animals died. Now reports are coming out about the extreme number of deaths.

We Animals, reporting on Plant Based News makes the point that we breed so many animals that we consider them disposable.
I think they make a very good point. Farmers didn't even try to rescue animals. Why would they, the farm animals are insured.

What I notice about this report is how matter of fact it is. There seems to be no regret for the enormous loss of life.

The Humane Society of the United States makes the very good point that no matter how many animals you have you should make plans for their safety.

The HSUS considers the deaths avoidable and unacceptable.

The Water Keeper Alliance considers the contamination of waterways by animal waste ponds to be avoidable and unacceptable.

We can't  control the weather. We can't stop the power of the hurricanes that we face, but we can change our farming practices so that animals are not left to die by the millions. We can learn to deal with waste material so that we do not contaminate our waterways. It doesn't matter where this took place. It could have been anywhere. What matters is how we deal with animals, farming and the environment. Factory farming needs to change. It is too damaging and it is too cruel.
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