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Are budgies cannibals ?
It seems like budgies can be cannibals. I saw one budgie ripping the feathers of another budgie which is dead. I was like, what the hell was that ?

Usually their cute faces looks calm or something but this budgie which was ripping the feathers had a face which looked like it was pissed off. I don't know if it was just ripping the feathers or trying to eat the dead budgie.

I didn't liked to see some new young budgies getting beaten by some other bigger budgie. I think the problem is because of 2 budgie pairs. For a cage that size, one pair is enough and i guess perhaps their offspring won't fight each other. Since there was 2 budgie pairs and one male died, so the remaining one male budgie producing offspring with 2 female budgies. So there are youngsters from 2 mothers and some of them don't like each other. I'm sure this problem won't happen in a much bigger cage with several budgie pairs..Anyway, i didn't bought them and some other day, these birds were sold along with the cage. I know this problem would have not happened if i had them.

That was the last picture i took of the budgies.

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I am going to have to wait until tomorrow when I can talk to one of my bird expert friends. I am not as experienced with birds. 
I do know most animals will try and remove a dead member of their group because dead bodies attract predators.
Budgies do seem to live in groups. Having two males might be a problem. One might have been aggressive to the other.
Many kinds of animals can be aggressive when they feel threatened or over crowded. 

Was the other bird really dead? Did the aggressive bird kill him? Were they both males?

You would be surprized at how many species will eat the meat of a dead member of their species. I just think of it as a survival tactic. All that extra protein could really help. Even humans have been known to eat their dead in extreme circumstances.
The will to survive and thrive is very strong.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

It's only cannibalism if the other budgie ate the other budgie. Just sounds like aggression from unsuitable housing
My husband breeds budgies he's been doing it since he was a child very experienced, we have a flight aviary they have plenty of room good perches healthy diet no sickness, some budgies will do this he just had to put a male budgie in a separate cage because he was going into the breeding boxes and killing the babies sometimes the mother, our birds have the best conditions birds are like us you have your good ones and bad ones it happens,he's also very careful about the breeding we've found other birds killed and chewed up our birds are well fed with a mixture of seed and fruit and vegies every week so it's not from hunger everyone that sees our bird housing says it's one of the best they've seen.
Sometimes animals and people do things.  If you have an aggressive bird, I suppose you just have to remove it from the group.

Even under perfect conditions there will always  be individuals who harm others. That is just how life is.

Mostly the dwarf hamsters I bred were sweet animals, but the males would kill each other during breeding season. I just made sure they couldn't get at each other.
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