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Rescuing Baby Sea Turtles from hurricanes
With all the hurricane activity in the Atlantic, baby sea turtles that are hatching now are in trouble.
They leave the nest and use the yolk in their stomachs to swim to the sea weed patches where they feed. 
Right now the babies are getting washed back on shore and they no longer have the strength to try to swim out again.
The Sea Turtle Healing Center at the Brevard Zoo is caring for hundreds of baby turtles. When they are strong enough they will be taken by boat to their feeding grounds out in the ocean and released. Until then they are being well cared for.

Volunteers with the Sea Turtle Preservation Society are out there gathering baby turtles and bringing them to the Sea Turtle Healing Center. They call them wash backs since they are being washed to shore by the weather.

I think it shows some incredible dedication to be out there gathering baby turtles when all around you is the destruction from a hurricane. I am sure their efforts will save hundreds and who knows they may keep a species going at a time when so many of them are endangered. I hope they all make it.
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