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Bee Keeper father shares his work with his daughters
A Bee Keeper in Prince Edward Island  is now sharing his bee keeping with his two daughters. They both asked for bee keeping suits for their birthdays. He was able to find suits small enough for them and now they go with him to tend the hives.

I can understand the girls wanting to join him with the bee hives. Bees are fascinating. I never thought about naming the queens.
They keep track of individual queens so they could be named.

He has a small operation now, but with the girls help they can expand. 
Bee keeping is becoming very popular. We have had such a loss of pollinators that these small bee keeping operations could really help. Farmers sometimes need to rent the use of hives. For a smaller farm a few hives would be enough.
Some of these smaller bee keeping operations could become essential to the food supply in some areas.
The two girls could easily grow up to run a bee keeping operation. It would be an interesting career and it certainly is one that is needed.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

How good that his daughters are also interested ! As they grow up, even if they become hobbyist beekeepers, they are still helping the bees and helping us all. And if they did choose that as a career, then I wish them all the very best.
How nice -to name the queens!
I think naming the queens makes it more personal. I could see both girls going into bee keeping. They already have an interest and they know how much work it is. They could expand their family hobby into a business. There does seem to be interest in bee keeping and products from bees. People want fresh honey from particular hives and made from particular flowers. It would be an interesting future for them and I think they could do very well. There is always a market for bees wax and farmers do have to rent hives when they have a large crop to be pollinated.

I have tasted honey made from mint flowers and it has a unique flavor.  I am sure there are many other special honey flavours.

I did not know that smaller bee keeper suits were available. There must be other young people getting into bee keeping.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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