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Birds Biggest Foe: Windows
The University of Manitoba is working with the Assiniboine Park Zoo to study bird collisions with windows. They are collecting data sadly by walking around buildings and counting the dead birds. They are also assessing what works to protect birds from collisions.
As the fall migration starts many birds will be at risk. Young birds flying for the first time, encountering windows in strange places are the most at risk.

Their suggestions about breaking up the smooth surface of big windows with stickers is something anyone can do. 
Of course the big culprit is high rises with glass surfaces that reflect the image of the sky and trees. They also have lights on at night.
In so many ways they draw birds to their deaths. Changes in the windows could be made that would make them safer.  As the zoo/university team studies the problem they will be able to make better suggestions.

This is a heartbreaking problem every year. Millions of birds die. Anything that helps stop the carnage is a very good thing.
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