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Top 10 plastic polluting companies
Greenpeace has been monitoring plastic pollution around the globe. They have compiled a list of companies whose plastics are heavily polluting our planet.

Coke manages to be in the top three everywhere, but Antarctica. That could change, for the worse.

We as individuals are making efforts to use less plastics. That is not going to help if the companies using the plastics don't make some changes. They won't change until we pressure them to change.

Greenpeace is suggesting that we collect plastic, photograph it and post it online, naming the company, with the line #Is this yours?
Something needs to be done. Making the source of the pollution public could help  push companies to make changes.

Top Polluters in Canada

It is noticeable that the lists are very similar. Certain companies are contributing to the problem on a global scale.
We need them to change things on a global scale.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Unfortunately I was reading today in a trade magazine, that even biodegradable plastics are still polluting the oceans. Biodegradable plasticss can last for up to three years and cause a lot of damage in that time.
We need to stop dumping stuff in the oceans. It won't clean them up, but it will stop making things worse. 

The companies that are the top source of ocean plastics need to do something about it. They have certainly made lots of money from their products. If the biodegradable plastics are not working properly then these companies need to do more research and come up with something that does work. 

Maybe they can create a program where you get some money back for returning a plastic bottle. The company can take the bottles back. When they have so many bottles piled up that their company is drowning in them maybe then they will understand about the plastic pollution of the oceans. They might start finding ways to fix this problem. Something has to be done and we know who needs to do it. We all do our part, but the big companies need to do their part. Their part is the bigger part and if they acted on it then what we do would be enough.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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