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Four Paws to the rescue
Four Paws is a rescue group that goes into war zones to rescue animals from zoos and private collections. Over the years they have performed some amazing rescues. Wherever there is conflict and animals are in danger Four Paws is there.

They receive support from the Eric S. Margolis Foundation. Margolis is a journalist who has covered many wars and conflicts.
The animals that are rescued are helped by the Nature and Wildlife Sanctuary run by Princess Alia Foundation.

I am always amazed to hear the stories of their rescues. They have had some terrifying moments and sadly not all the animals survive what they have been through. For so many of the animals it is a chance to live and be free, of the terrible situations humans have placed them in. 
No animal should ever be left in a war zone. Wars are of human making and we have no right to include animals in our issues.
It is just fortunate that Four Paws exists to rescue animals caught in human conflicts.
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