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Toronto Zoo Orangutan Conservation Plan
Toronto Zoo has an active orangutan population. They are doing very well and they have three younger orangutans born at the zoo.  The zoo has hoped for years to build an outdoor exhibit to give the orangutans a more stimulating life and to give the public a better chance to interact with them. The zoo is dedicated to orangutan conservation and one aspect of this is educating the public about orangutans. The zoo teaches people about the dangers orangutans face in the wild and the role of palm oil plays in habitat destruction. It is possible that orangutans could become extinct in the wild if habitat destruction continues.

Teaching about palm oil is critical to orangutan survival.  An informed public can make informed choices when they shop.
If we stop buying palm oil products then would be no market for them. There would be no reason to continue to destroy the forests.

For now orangutans can only find safety in the care of humans. I am happy that the humans in Toronto are giving our orangutans a beautiful outdoor exhibit. They are going to love it.  I hope our old girl Puppe is still with us when it is opened.  She would love it so much. 
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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