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Insect Apocalypse
The name implies that this is serious and it is. Insects are dying off. Their numbers have declined greatly since the 1970s.
This is an emergency that will have dire consequences if we do not work to reverse the trend.

Issues like habitat loss and pesticide use have resulted in catastrophic insect losses.

We tend to take insects for granted, except when we are trying to get rid of them. We haven't made the connection that insects are connected to every aspect of life on earth. They are food for other animals. They pollinate plants to create food for all plant eating animals. They clear away dead animals and plants. All life revolves around the activities of insects. If we don't act to stop the continuous decline of insects we are going to find our own survival at risk.

Minimumly we must ban all pesticide use. I know there will be consequences, but there will be worse ones if we don't.
Climate change, global warming and the 6th mass extinction are very serious environmental issues. The insect apocalypse is right in there with them as issues that threaten life as we know it. 

We can act now or we can watch things fall apart.
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