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Freeze dried pets!
First, I am not even going to look at how I feel about this. I am just going to share with you an article I found about a procedure that is now available.
If your pet dies you can ship it to Second Life and the owner will freeze dry your pet and return it to you.

We have looked at cloning and what you get is not exactly your pet even if it is a genetic match. 
Freeze drying returns your pet to you, but it is missing that spirit that make the animal your pet.

I know it is hard to let go of a beloved pet. I just don't see having a freeze dried version of your pet as a solution. 
The pet has become an object and there is no further growth in the relationship. It doesn't seem like a healthy way to handle grieving.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Don't think I could do that and I dearly love all my pets past and present.
I think the idea is weird. The freeze dried body is not really your warm alive pet. It is a dried up shell. Holding on to that is not healthy for the pet owner and it seems disrespectful to the pet. I feel peace when I burry a pet in the garden and remember them the way they were. This is actually worse than cloning.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

(11-19-2019, 05:00 PM)Catherine Wrote: It doesn't seem like a healthy way to handle grieving.

Exactly. I kept Puce's harness as a memento, but it is just that - a memento. But to keep the old physical body seems a mistake to me. Better to send loving thoughts to one's pet regularly than to hang on to an empty shell.
I don't like the idea either. It is no different really from taxidermy. Like everyone here, I wouldn't like to see a cold, stiff, lifeless "Misty" around my house!
If someone had created a statue of her however, then that would have felt so much nicer.

When we look at pictures of our loved ones, we can imagine their life, the day the picture was taken, their energy.

This is for some people I suppose, who can't imagine their animal friend in any other way than in the physical body -at any cost! They just cling to that and can't imagine their loved one has gone beyond that now and is still very much alive in a completely different way!
The idea of seeing a beloved pet freeze dried is really disturbing. You are right, pictures capture a moment and we can connect to that moment through the picture.  A statue would draw life from the artist and be a life filled representation of a pet. It wouldn't be the pet, but it would have captured some of what made the pet special.

Taxidermy and freeze drying just preserve, in a strange way, the body of a pet. Nothing of the spirit is retained.
I hope I never see a freeze dried pet ever.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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