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Horse rescued from freezing water
A horse in a boarding facility outside of Edmonton slipped through the ice into a freezing pond. It is cold, but not cold enough to form thick ice. When she was found she was vey cold and just barely hanging on. With the help of the people on hand and a quick response from Firefighters they were able to pull her from the water. She has suffered hypothermia and shock, but with care she will recover.

I am so glad they found the horse in time. It would be sad to think of a horse dying like that, alone in freezing waters. This happens every year. Ponds look frozen and can even support your weight for a short time. Then the ice gives out and you are fully immersed.
It is hard to get out of the water and the cold saps the strength. She is one lucky horse. Her owners must be so happy that they were able to save her.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Thank goodness she was rescued, and was all right once they warmed her up. Falling through ice is horrible. And the struggle to try to climb out which is next to impossible. She must have been frantic.
They were lucky they arrived when they did. The poor horse was cold and  tired. She didn't have much time.
Everyone responded so quickly.  Falling through ice must be terrifying for a horse. No matter how they struggle they can't get out.
This time they  had a happy ending. I hope the horse is more careful in future.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

wow so glad they were able to rescue her!!
Some of these horse rescues are incredible. They find a way to pull a cold, tired, frightened horse from a pond while there is still time to save it. The timing was fortunate. The horse was cold, but it was still strong enough to survive.

Horses must see ice as solid even when it is very thin. There are horse rescues every year from ponds and lakes because horse walk onto the ice and fall through..
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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