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Steve adopts older pets in memory of his dog
When Steve lost his dog Wolfgang he went to the shelter and adopted the oldest dog there. He now has nine dogs, four chickens, two ducks, one rabbit, one pig and a turkey. They are all pets that have needs because of age and health conditions. They would not have found homes without a special person like Steve.

This is a wonderful story. He took his grief over the loss of Wolfgang and turned it into love. Older pets still have so much love to give and Steve has given them a chance to love and be loved. Even though it is a lot of work, you know it is worth it when you see how happy they all are.

Steve has written a book to share his story.  It is called The One And Only Wolfgang: from pet rescue to one big happy family.
His story is inspiring and it has encouraged others to adopt older pets.

Speaking as someone who takes in older pets sometimes, it is totally worth it. Right now I have Barrie, a 15 year old lizard.
Barrie is special and I am so glad I brought him home. He has some good years left and I want them to be the best years.
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