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Last Sumatran Rhino dies in Malaysia
This is sad news. The last Sumatran Rhino living in Malaysia has died. The only Sumatran Rhinos left in the wild are in Sumatra and Borneo. It is estimated that only 80 are left. All rhino species are in trouble. There are probably only 24,000 rhinos left in the wild and 1,250 in captivity. Most of these are white rhinos. All rhino species are endangered, but some are more critically endangered.

We are watching more than the death of a single animal. We are watching more than the death of a single species. We are watching the death of a family of species. All the rhinos are in serious danger. It is all human activity that is causing this. Habitat loss and poaching will be the end of all rhinos if we do not act fast and do something. Even if we do something and it works, we will still probably lose some rhino species. Smiley19  It is too sad what we have done to this world.
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