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The last Whales are freed fro Russian Whale Jail
As a back story, a Russian company captured and held a number of whales in small pens. The plan was to sell them.
The site was discovered by environmentalists and named Whale Jail. Under pressure from a number of groups the Russian government  agreed to release them. This has taken time and may not have been successful for all the whales. This last group was released in larger numbers in a good location. It looks hopeful for a good outcome.

Freeing the whales and closing the Whale Jail is a big step. It saves this batch of whales. A bigger step will be to ban the capture of whales in the first place. The real happy ending will come when no more whales are captured and the whole place is dismantled.

For now at least we know there are no whales in danger in the notorious Whale Jail.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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