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Fish farm die offs in the Clayoquat Sound
The Clayoquat Sound off of Vancouver Island is the location of a number of open net fish farms. They are currently experiencing massive fish die offs. Thousands of salmon have died, possibly as many an 200,000. Clayoquat Action who opposes the fish farms have been monitoring the situation. Videos show discoloured  water running from the pens, contaminating the whole area. Workers at the fish farm can be seen removing the dead fish and trucking them away for disposal. Environmentalists are calling on the Department of Fisheries and Oceans to monitor the situation more closely. The DFO is blaming a toxic algal bloom for the fish deaths.

Certainly algal blooms do occur and they could result in fish deaths. That would be mainly because the fish are captive and cannot leave the area. If the water running off the pens contains algal blooms them the problem is just spreading. 
The whole open net fish farming industry is very controversial in BC. Many groups do oppose it. It is thought that the farmed salmon  put the native salmon at risk. 

This is not the first time west coast fish farms have been in the news. It is always because there is a problem or they are causing some kind of harm. I think the whole industry needs to be reviewed and more closely regulated. That discoloured water running off the pens is not nothing. Who knows what harm it is doing.
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