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Christmas present ideas for our pets
There are some cute suggestions in the article so if you have no idea what to give your pet, this might help.

Some of the food treats might be welcomed. Even the cat toys look pretty good. I do have to wonder about the Santa hat for guinea pigs. Is that a gift for the piggies or for the owners? The ferret antlers are really an odd idea and I would love to see someone trying to get the antlers on a ferret. Maybe stick with toys and food treats. I am sure guinea pigs would love a dish of fresh strawberries. I have no idea what a ferret would like. I am pretty sure it isn't antlers.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

There are some interesting gift ideas . But I agree that a ferret wouldn't be too thrilled with antlers for Christmas.

I know what a ferret would love: lots of cardoard tubes stuch together with duct tape to make interesting tunnels to run through, and up and down, over furniture etc. I wonder if there are tunnels ready-made which  can be packed away easily...(sort of fold up in a concertina-design?)

Cats like that sort of thing too.
I could see a ferret running through cardboard tubes. Cats would love to reach into them. Guinea pigs would be happy to eat them.
Even a dog would get some fun out of the tubes.

So we have found the perfect gift for our pets, a bunch of cardboard tubes. I think you can buy tubes for mailing stuff. It would be easy to make a gift out of them.

Forget antlers and the Santa hats for the guinea pigs. Get creative with mailing tubes and everyone will be happy.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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