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Neopets is 20 years old
This is an odd thing to be posting about, I realize that. I am not sure anyone ever really learned to care for a pet from  Neopets.
However I did learn to use the computer. I could do some very basic internet searches before I got a computer of my own. I used the free library computers. That was never going to take me very far. However all the neighbourhood kids were playing Neopets and they were thrilled to help me get started and I was always welcome to use their computers for Neopets. I kept my account going for years.

The relevance of this is the fact that I could use the computer and do different things when I got my own computer. I was able to set up news alerts and read blogs. That led me to read a blog about hamsters and actually comment and get involved. This made me a start up member of a new forum  called Animal Lovers Forums. That of course is the old forum that ALWF was born from.
So, in many ways  this forum exists because of Neopets. I would never have gained the experience fast enough without Neopets.
It was a fun way to learn new skills. I eventually let my pets go and moved on, but I do remember that Neopets made the computer and the internet a fun experience.

Just out of curiosity I took a look at the site and it still looks the same.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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