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Aquarium wants to import Belugas from Marineland
Mystic Aquarium in Connecticut  wants to import five captive born Beluga Whales from Marineland in Niagara Falls Canada.
They claim they want the whales to do research on the species.

However, there is talk of breeding the whales and displaying the whales. Somehow research does not seem to be the main focus of the move.

 Animal rights groups oppose the action.

Whatever happens here, I doubt that Marineland is acting in the best interests of the whales. They are acting to meet their own needs. They have 54 Belugas. They clearly don't have room for that many. When they do sell off their whales I doubt they are taking into account the social groups the whales have formed. Are they so very different from the Russian Whale Jail. I think not. It has been all about making money from the whales all along. What they are doing now is finding a way to make more money from the whales. Since the whale shows are not so popular in Canada and there are increasing regulations around keeping captive marine mammals, they now want to make money selling them.

This is a complex issue

One thing that troubles me is the talk of training the Belugas. What are they training the whales to do and why. 
If this is research, why do they whales  need training. Shouldn't it be the researchers who are trained.

Whatever happens, there are way too many captive Beluga Whales. We need to find ways to give these whales more normal lives and stop using them for ridiculous whale shows.
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